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Properties, Systems and Technologies for Building Envelopes

A new Zintek tool is available to architects as well as institutional professionals in the building sector.

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TITANIUM-ZINC. Properties, Systems and Technologies for Building Envelopes is the latest Zintek tool for architects and building professionals.

The lightweight and easy-to-handle volume offers a wide-ranging overview of metal cladding processes and instructions on how to install titanium-zinc correctly.  


Its 150 pages feature classic application techniques and contemporary solutions, including uses for different geographical areas and specific requirements for local markets, and accompanied by technical diagrams of the various layers and examples of construction detailing.

Each chapter also contains references to the sections providing further details in Zintek’s landmark and comprehensive guide to the building envelope TITANIUM-ZINC IN ARCHITECTURE. Study of the Design and Installation of Roofs, Façades and Sheet Metal Work in zintek®, published last year.


Due to its handy size and easy browsability, TITANIUM-ZINC. Properties, Systems and Technologies for Building Envelopes is the ideal tool to keep close at hand on the building site or whenever consulting the larger volume is impractical.

It is an essential text for anyone looking to gain further insight into the building envelope, an increasingly important aspect of architectural design that requires precise installation to ensure the durability of the building and comfortable inside spaces.


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May 2023

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TITANIUM-ZINC. Properties, systems and technologies for building envelopes



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9788894725766 IT
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